Welcome to the wonderful world of Pog the gnome!

In 2017, Camberley author Colin George published a limited edition print run of ‘Pog and the Missing Wheel’ to raise funds for Sam Beare Hospice, who looked after Colin’s sister Karen during the final weeks of her life. It sold out within weeks!  


Who is Pog?

Living in the Garden Centre is a small gnome called Pog. He’s been living in the Garden Centre for a very long time. Pog lives there with his wife Mog, who is also a small gnome and has also been there for a very long time.

Pog has lots of friends in the Garden Centre, and lots who come to visit from the woodland and the meadow. Some even come from outside the outer limit fence.

Pog will be coming to Amazon very soon, so keep a look out for further adventures with Pog and his friends:

‘Pog and the Great Escape’ , ‘Pog and the First Noelelf’ , ‘Pog and Chief Mutt’s Surprise Birthday Party’ and more.


If you would like to know when Pog’s adventures are available, why not fill in the form below, and we’ll let you know!  We promise to keep your data safe, and we won’t share it with anyone else.  NB – giving us your contact details in no way implies any commitment to buy, and we will only use your details to let you know about forthcoming Pog books. 


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